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A custom ocular prosthesis is fit after an eye has been surgically removed or absent. The prosthesis fits underneath the eyelid and comfortably within the eye socket. Each ocular prosthesis is hand-sculpted and hand-painted to fit and look like your natural eye.

Custom Ocular Prosthesis

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 It is recommended to have your ocular prosthesis professionally resurfaced every 6 months. Resurfacing removes plaque buildup from the prosthesis and allows for inspection to determine if there is any deterioration or breakdown of the material, if the eye is fitting the socket correctly, and if there is an indication that the prosthesis requires replacement or adjustment. This will also help prolong the life of the prosthesis.

Resurfacing & Polishing

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A Scleral Cover Shell is custom fit over an existing underdeveloped and/or injured blind eye giving a natural symmetrical look. They are custom hand-painted to match the companion eye. Scleral cover shells are made to be comfortable and can be made quite thin to fit over the existing damaged eye.

Custom Scleral Cover Shell

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A custom ocular conformer is a clear plastic piece molded from an impression taken of the eye socket. This is usually recommended for maintaining the integrity of the socket and/or encouraging expansion to develop the eye socket for optimal results when fit with an ocular prosthesis.

Custom Ocular Conformer

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